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3-in-1 Nail Combo: Dip, Gel & Lacquer #174 | GND Canada® - CM Nails & Beauty Supply
3-in-1 Nail Combo: Dip, Gel & Lacquer #174 | GND Canada® - CM Nails & Beauty Supply
3-in-1 Nail Combo: Dip, Gel & Lacquer #174 | GND Canada® - CM Nails & Beauty Supply


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GND Canada

3-in-1 Nail Combo: Dip, Gel & Lacquer #174 | GND Canada®

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Exceptional formula. Timeless colours. Crafted by Canadians with only the best in mind

3-in-1 Matching Color Nail Combo includes:

  1. GND Dipping Powder (2 oz): provides your nails with 21 days of wear with no activator - while keeping nails healthy and strong. 
  2. GND Gel Colour (15 ml): smooth, 100% soak-off gel colour formula with zero shrinkage and a glossy self-levelling coverage over the nail surface. 
  3. GND Nail Lacquer (15 ml): super-fast drying, double shine, true colours that are guaranteed to last much longer!

Product Information

Discover the perfect colour for your look with GND Canada’s 3 in 1 Nail System. GND 3-in-1 Combo Set offers premium Dipping Powder, Nail Gel and Nail Lacquer with the best quality in mind. With only quality ingredients, GND Canada will leave your nails feeling healthy, strong and looking brand new for 3+ weeks!

  • No activator needed to dry!
  • Long-lasting colour that never changes… seriously!
  • With over 180 different shades to help you discover your true colours.

Best prepared and used with GND Canada’s:

  1. Prep/Bond 2. Base Coat 3. Seal Protector 4. Top Coat 5. Vitamin E Cuticle 6. Brush Saver
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