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MBI Cuticle Nipper. | MBI Stainless Steel | Size Full Jaw | Size 1/2 Jaw | Size 1/4 Jaw |.

MBI Cuticle Nipper. | MBI Stainless Steel | Size Full Jaw | Size 1/2 Jaw | Size 1/4 Jaw |.

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MBI Cuticle Nipper High performance half jaw, full jaw, 1/4 jaw blades nipper offers clean & precise cut of nail cuticles every time without pulling or tugging.

Its sharp blades cut even the tiniest cuticles with a clean snip. Great grip for cutting nail cuticles with its ¼" jaw, 1/2 jaw, full jaw.

How to Use

  • Surgical-grade high-quality stainless steel material provides enhanced rust resistance

  • Our Cuticle cutter is easy to clean! Simply wipe the blades with rubbing alcohol after each use and place the protective plastic cap on the blades for storage. 

Product Details

  • Our Cuticle Nippers are ergonomically designed to fit in your hands for strong & comfortable grip.

  • Non-slip handles allow you to confidently manoeuvre this tool around nails for cutting cuticles even in very small & thin areas

  • Stainless Steel

  • Sanitize with Alcohol

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